WayksOne Day Pack Compact black Front
WayksOne Day Pack Compact Sand Front
WayksOne Day Pack Compact Sand Back
WayksOne Day Pack Compact black Back
WayksOne Day Pack Compact Sand Organiser
WayksOne Day Pack Compact Sleek Black Front
WayksOne Day Pack Compact Sand Side
WayksOne Day Pack Compact Sand Back Panel Detachment Video
WayksOne Day Pack Compact Sand Simple Straps
WayksOne Day Pack Compact Sand Pockets Video
WayksOne Day Pack Compact Sand Bottle Pocket
WayksOne Day Pack Compact Sand Laptop Compartment
WayksOne Day Pack Compact Sand Shoe Compartment
WayksOne Day Pack Compact black Angled
WayksOne Day Pack Compact black Organiser
WayksOne Day Pack Compact black Side
WayksOne Day Pack Compact black Back Panel Detachment Video
WayksOne Day Pack Compact black Simple Straps
WayksOne Day Pack Compact black Pockets Video
WayksOne Day Pack Compact black Bottle Pocket
WayksOne Day Pack Compact black Laptop Compartment
WayksOne Day Pack Compact black Shoe Compartment
WayksOne Day Pack Compact black Top Pocket
WayksOne Day Pack Compact black Clipped
WayksOne Day Pack Compact Sleek Black Back
WayksOne Day Pack Compact Sleek Black Left
WayksOne Day Pack Compact Sleek Bottle Pocket
WayksOne Day Pack Compact Sleek Black Video Back Panel Detachment
WayksOne Day Pack Compact Sleek Black Water Repellency
WayksOne Day Pack Compact Sleek Black Video Laptop Side Access
WayksOne Day Pack Compact Sleek Black Laptop Side Access
WayksOne Day Pack Compact Sleek Suitcase Opening
WayksOne Day Pack Compact Sleek Black Shoe Compartment
WayksOne Day Pack Compact Sleek Black Shoulder Strap
WayksOne Day Pack Compact Sleek Black Top Pocket

The Day Pack Compact

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A modular, expandable Day Pack with numerous clever storage options.


  • The compact version of the Day Pack Original: Same features, smaller size
  • Adjustable volume/size via expandable roll top (17-24L)
  • Suitcase-style opening for easy packing
  • Weatherproof fabric, made from recycled PET bottles


  • Day Pack with removable Back Panel, Padded & Simple Shoulder Straps

Not included but available separately:

Day Pack Compact


  • Suitcase-style opening for quick, all-around access to your gear
  • Adjustable volume/size via expandable roll top
  • Padded laptop compartment with side and top access (fits MacbookPro 16")
  • Internal organiser with document sleeve and 4 zippered pockets
  • 2 safe quick-access pockets for phone, wallet, and other valuables
  • 2 zippered outside pockets for bottle/umbrella/snacks
  • Zippered bottom compartment separates shoes, sports/swim clothes

Special features:

  • Option to attach the "Cube" to transform into Travel Backpack
  • Weatherproof fabric made from recycled PET bottles
  • Adjustable fit to your size and height
  • Fits in overhead lockers
  • Padded back and straps for added comfort (removable to transform into lighter Day Pack)
  • Volume: 17 to 24 L

Day Pack Original

The WayksOne Day Pack consists of 8 modular parts.

Remove the Back Panel and replace the Padded Shoulder Straps with the Simple Straps to turn the Day Pack into a lighter version (when only carrying some essentials).

Wayks back panel attachment

A sturdy zipper runs around the bottom of the Day Pack enabling the Cube to be attached (available for separate purchase). By detaching the Bottom Cover and attaching the Cube you can convert the Day Pack into a bigger Travel Backpack.

Wayks Cube attachment

Day Pack Compact

Interested in a larger version with identical features? Take a look at the Day Pack Original.

Width: 29cm (11.4”)
Depth: 21cm (8.3”)

Height / Volume:

  • Day Pack with rolled top: 48cm (18.9”) / 17L
  • Day Pack with filled top: 63cm (24.8”) / 24L

    Laptop compartment:

    • Height: 39cm (15.3”), Width: 26cm (10.2”)


    • Day Pack: 1.4 kg (3.1 lbs)
    • Light Day Pack: 0.9 kg (2 lbs)

    Size Comparison with Day Pack Original:
    Left: "Original", Right: "Compact".
    Leonie is 176 cm in height.

    Wayks Day Pack size comparison back
    Wayks Day Pack size comparison side

    Day Pack Original, Compact

    The majority of our materials are made from recycled PET bottles. We use a PFC-free, environmentally friendly water-repellency coating on our fabrics. 

    The difference between our fabrics is mainly in the look and feel. Our first fabric (Black and Sand variants) has a rather natural, canvas-like look. It feels thinner.

    In the Sleek Black variant, the fabric has a smooth look. It feels a little thicker and rubbery.

    The Sleek Black is a little easier to clean due to its smooth texture and water rolls off more easily - on the other hand, it is more prone to superficial scratches and dents or cuts, which remain visible in the long term on such smooth fabrics.

    As far as protecting the contents of the backpack from moisture is concerned, there is no difference between the two versions, as both fabrics are waterproof. It is always important to remember that after prolonged exposure to heavy rain, moisture can seep through the seams and zips of backpacks. Therefore, we recommend using the Rain & Luggage Cover in such cases.

    Main Fabric

    • 100% Polyester (91% recycled, 100% for the Sleek Black version)
    • 600 x 600 Denier
    • PFC-free coating (outside) and PU coating (inside) for waterproofing
    • Sourced from bluesign® System Partner
    • 100% Polyester (100% recycled)
    • 150 x 150 Denier
    • PFC-free coating (outside) and PU coating (inside) for waterproofing
    • Sourced from bluesign® System Partner
    • Outside: Durable YKK Natulon® luggage coil zippers (partly recycled)
    • Outside: weatherproof PU coating on back pockets to protect valuables
    • Inside: YKK Natulon® coil zippers (partly recycled)
    • Cube attachment: Sturdy YKK VISLON® zipper
    • Sourced from bluesign® System Partner
    • Recycled plastic (black version), sourced from bluesign® System Partner
    • Durable aluminium hook for roll top closure

    Travel Backpack O+C, Day Pack O+C, Travel Bundle, Globetrotter Bundle

    2-minute video introducing the WayksOne Travel Backpack Original:


    7-minute in-depth presentation of the WayksOne Travel Backpack Original by Leonie:

    Travel Backpack O+C, Day Pack O+C, Travel Bundle, Globetrotter Bundle

    Does the sand colour get dirty easily?
    No, it does not stain easily, however, dark stains are more visible than on the black version. Good to clean. Fine for everyday use. Attach rain cover when exposed to heavy rain, dirt, oil or dust. (read more)

    How should I clean the WayksOne?
    We recommend hand wash only. If necessary use gentle soap and brush. Dry well. (read more)

    How do the modular attachment and adjustment mechanisms work?
    Check out our instructional videos or download our manual. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if anything is unclear – we want you to get the most out of your WayksOne and are always happy to help.

    See our HELP section for the full list of frequently asked questions and more detailed answers.

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    • DE: 1-3 work days
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    • Rest of world: 6-23 work days

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    • Right of withdrawal within 14 days after delivery according to German law (read our information on right of withdrawal)
    • The statutory warranty rights of Germany (“Gewährleistung”) apply.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 76 reviews
    Sofie S.
    very useful and good looking!

    I am using the "day pack compact" ever since I've purchased it.
    It feels good, the zippers work well and I 've even got some of the other gear to use it for more serious travelling. The whole is a very thought-through product and I'm recommending it with all my heart.

    C. W.
    Sehr gute Qualität, aber kein guter Sitz und zu steif

    Der Rucksack ist sehr gut durchdacht mit den vielen Details und Täschchen. Im Gegensatz zur Bewertung einer anderen Nutzerin mit gleicher Größe (1,56 m), finde ich jedoch, dass er sehr schlecht sitzt - und ich habe alles Mögliche ausprobiert. Die obere Öffnung nutze ich nicht, da ich sie zu klein finde, um ohne Mühe an den Inhalt zu gelangen. Ich öffne ihn nur mithilfe des rückseitigen Reissverschlusses, welcher allerdings an den Ecken meist hakt. Von mir leider keine Empfehlung und ich werde ihn nicht mehr nutzen.

    Hallo C.W.,

    vielen Dank, dass du dir die Zeit genommen hast, uns eine ausführliche Bewertung zu hinterlassen. Es tut uns wirklich leid, dass der Rucksack für dich nicht funktioniert hat. Ich gehe davon aus, dass du unser Manual gefunden hast, das einige Informationen über die Anpassung des Rucksacks an verschiedene Größen enthält, aber für den Fall, dass nicht, ist hier der Link: https://wayks.com/pages/manual

    Vielen Dank nochmals, dass du WAYKS ausprobiert hast, und wenn du noch Fragen hast oder uns Feedback geben möchtest, zögere nicht, uns zu kontaktieren.

    Liebe Grüße

    Jenny S.Ö.
    Toller Rucksack

    Ich habe den Rucksack Ende Dezember 2023 zu meinem Geburtstag in der Sandfarbe bekommen. Ich habe den Rucksack getauscht und den schwarzen bestellt, wobei der beige, sehr elegant ausschaut. Ich habe den Day Pack original.Der Rucksack ist toll, ein bisschen schwerer als andere Rucksäcke, dafür sitzt er sehr gut am Rücken. Ich bin eine Frau mit 1,56 m lang. Der Support ist ausgezeichnet! Alle Fragen wurden sehr schnell und zeitnahe beantwortet. Eine sehr kulante Firma. Habe eine große Freude mit dem Rucksack. Ich hatte Zeit für meine Entscheidung. Wurde nie unter Druck gesetzt. Im Gegenteil, viel Unterstützung auf alle meine Fragen.Danke!

    Sophie K.
    best backpack I bought

    I was considering buying the Wayks day Pack for over a year. I have to say it is worth every euro it costs. It is so functional and you can tell that they have spent much time on development, cause every detail/ every pocket/ feature is just perfectly designed and functional. I am using the backpack everyday to go to work and I can easily bring my lunch box, laptop and gym clothes with me. I have nothing to add other than that this is really the best gift I bought myself since many years!!!

    Summer L.
    Highly recommended by @ecofriend.lia on YouTube!

    I bought the wayks daypack mini a few months ago and I love it! I decided to go ahead and invest in the Wayks Original backpack in the same color, so that I can use the larger backpack when I go on trips. For right now, I'm keeping it packed full for my "go bag". I have a large first aid kit, toiletries, clothing and other items that would be used in an emergency situation. Let's say that I've packed it FULL and I still have room for other small things. The backpack is high quality and beautiful. I absolutely love it and would also highly recommend it.


    The recipient is overjoyed with this functional and high quality daypack.

    Eva L.
    A favourite go-to

    My favourite backpack for everyday and travelling.
    Good quality and a well-thought-out product.
    Very friendly customer service.

    Works well as a secondary backpack

    I was looking for a nicer looking backpack and impulse bought this one after seeing an ad. I’m happy with the purchase, it does the job, and it’s nicely organised inside. Light enough, and rests well on the shoulder.
    I have the beige version, and it gets dirty very easily (which I should have foreseen haha). I wonder how it will fare in the long term, it does feel a bit less sturdy than my other backpack from a more renowned brand (which went through **** and is still in perfect shape). That being said, as of today, I used it for two trips, and it did its job very well. So overall, I’m happy with the purchase!

    Josephine M.
    Bester Rucksack, den ich je hatte

    Es hat ein wenig gedauert, bis ich alle Features des Rucksacks verstanden hatte (war leider keine Anleitung dabei, gibt aber ein Manual) aber es ist wirklich der beste beste beste Rucksack, den ich je hatte. Er hat quasi alle Features, die ich mir immer gewünscht habe: Rolltop mit Reissverschluss oben, praktische Seitentaschen für Wasserflasche (so dass sie aber nicht rausfällt), dazu diese praktischen Reissverschlüsse seitlich und zum Öffnen wie einen Rollkoffer, flauschige kleine Fächer für Handy und Geldbeutel, die diebstahlsicher angebracht sind, Laptopfach und Wasserabweisend und stylish dazu! Ich liebe ihn so sehr, es ist heftig. Vergesst GOT IT, das hier ist der real deal.

    Juan A.
    Great product

    We are really happy with this product is perfect.

    About WAYKS
    Hi, we are Leonie & Fabian

    We are the sister-brother-duo behind WAYKS. We develop versatile, trans-seasonal and responsibly-made premium gear for your travels and everyday life. Whenever you contact WAYKS, you speak directly to us.


    Audited Manufacturer

    Our products are made by VAUDE Viet Nam. The German factory owner and his team look back on decades of experience producing high-performance mountaineering equipment. Regular audits by the Fair Wear Foundation and bluesign® help to continuously improve social and environmental manufacturing standards.

    Learn more
    Recycled Materials

    The components of our bags are mostly sourced from bluesign® System Partners and predominantly made from recycled materials, which significantly decreases their oil and water consumption as well as their CO2 emissions.

    Learn more
    PFC-free Coatings

    PFCs are chemicals used in coatings to make fabrics water repellent. They are harmful to both the environment and people. Despite the availability of well-performing alternatives, many outdoor businesses continue to use them. At WAYKS, we do not source any materials with PFC finishes.

    Learn more

    What Our Customers Say

    Ich habe mich sehr gut über euer Produkt informiert und bin trotzdem von vielen Details überrascht. Ich kann nicht glauben, wie viel Liebe zum Detail in diesem Rucksack steckt! Ich möchte meinen größten Respekt für so ein durchdachtes Produkt zeigen. Ich studiere Kommunikationsdesign und weiß wie viel Arbeit in den manchmal unscheinbarsten Dingen steckt, die sich jemand überlegt und die dann einfach intuitiv für möglichst viele Leute funktionieren sollen. Deshalb bin ich umso beeindruckter von dem, was ihr mit dem Wayks One geschaffen habt.

    Hanna from Würzburg, Germany, about her WayksOne

    (translated) My Wayks arrived today already and I'm totally in love!

    Regardless of the fact that you brought a wonderful, sustainable and so incredibly well thought-out product into the world, I would also like to thank you very much for the great customer service!

    You're doing a fantastic job and I wish you all the best for the future :)

    Keep it up!!

    A very happy customer :)

    Ella from Munich, Germany, about her WayksOne

    Ach, echt schön, ihr habt so ein tolles nachhaltiges Produkt entwickelt und seid auch noch so nett ... Da fühlt man sich rundum glücklich mit seinem Kauf. :) Hatte mir so viele Rucksäcke vorher angeschaut und bin froh, mich für euren entschieden zu haben.

    Julia from Hamburg, Germany, about her WayksOne

    (translated) I wanted to tell you how amazing I find the design, functionality and ability of the backpack on the one hand, and of course how cool it is to get an insight into your production, the products you use for manufacturing and your employees . I've rarely been so excited about a brand!

    I wanted to leave you this positive feedback because I can only imagine how much effort, work and passion there is behind your project.

    Hannah from Vienna, Austria, about her WayksOne

    Tausend Dank! Von eurem Kundenservice kann sich so manch einer eine Scheibe abschneiden!

    Jakob from Vienna, Austria, about his WayksOne

    I would like to say thank you so much! You have been absolutely fantastic with customer service!! I would like to say that I just took the backpack on another trip over in Michigan and it was fantastic to use yet again.

    Brandon from Utah, USA, about his WayksOne