New release: Sling Bags and Day Pack Mini. Pre-order by 17.5. to save. Shipping by 18.6.


New launch: Sling Combo & Day Pack Mini

May we introduce you to the newest members of our family? Available for pre-order starting Friday, 19.02.2021: The Sling Combo – A transformable, sustainably made Crossbody Bag that converts into a Tote Bag, Backpack, and a smaller Hip Bag.

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A Transforming Trip.

In collaboration with a vibrant group of Namibian graduates in the field of agriculture, WAYKS’ latest campaign for transformable bags was shot in the extraordinary landscapes of their vast and beautiful homeland. On a cold and rainy day last year, we packed our bags for a big adventure to come. What had been in the planning for over a year, was finally going to happen: visiting our good friend Leonie (yes, she is also called Leonie) to learn more about her impactful and innovative agricultural project AvaGro in the Namib desert of Namibia. Looking back, 2020 was a challenging year for WAYKS. Being dependent on the travel industry has been tough for our young business. It was difficult to face...

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Gift Ideas Supporting Small Businesses

While Christmas gifts have become a thing of the past in our family, the tradition has remained with our friends. And let's be honest: gifting can be such a treat, if it comes from the heart and provides something meaningful. Too often though, it results in a desperate rush to buy things that neither we nor our loved ones really need. After a year of turmoil and financial distress for many small businesses, we believe that it is more important than ever to buy from independent brands. Therefore we would like to dedicate this gift guide to 10 small businesses close to us.  *Please consult with the brand to see if they are able to reach your Christmas delivery deadline. With the record number of online orders...

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Filming our Campaign Video in Sicily

Two weeks ago we took off to Sicily to shoot our Crowdfunding video. It turned into 48 busy hours with good friends: eating pasta and ice cream, drinking Italian coffee, climbing up Mount Etna, getting our car stuck between stone walls on roads that lead to nowhere, loosing our camera gear and walking up the volcano at night to find it.

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