Welcome to WAYKS!

WAYKS Founders Leonie & Fabian Stein

We are WAYKS. A sister-brother-team developing solutions to transform consumption for the better.

It all started in 2016 when we couldn't find our ideal travel backpack. A bag flexible and functional enough for outdoor adventures, yet looking fresh enough to be worn with the daily outfit around town.

During a time of stressful work in fast fashion and digital startups we regularly had the urge to escape to the peaceful outdoors to recharge. In our work environments, we were exposed to massive warehouses piled high with cheap clothing, an ever-increasing order & return shopping culture and ruthless, short-sighted business practices.

Watching the eye-opening documentary "The True Cost” finally brought us to the tipping point. Agitated by the devastating effects of the fashion industry on humans and the environment, and realising our own unsatisfying role in all of it, we asked ourselves:
How can the industry change for the better and how can WE take responsibility?

Our thoughts translated into our first product, the WayksOne: A timeless, modular Travel Backpack that transforms into different bags. Equipping you for any activity in any environment, while eliminating the need to buy many separate products. Made from recycled materials in a factory audited by the Fair Wear Foundation.

The vision of WAYKS was brought to life in 2018, without external investment, by a community of like-minded contributors through Crowdfunding.

Join us on our journey so we can continue exploring our beautiful planet for generations to come.


WAYKS Signatures Fabian Leonie