The WAYKS ONE — One bag. Endless adventures.

Welcome to WAYKS

WAYKS creates innovative travel gear and everyday packs. 

Our designs fuse functionality and versatility with sophisticated design — always grounded on sustainable practices.

Co-designed in Berlin and Sydney, the modular backpack WAYKS ONE is our first release launching soon on KICKSTARTER.

Unrivalled Versatility

Your ONE companion for work, play and outdoors

Three bags in just one backpack. Modular solutions for every step of the way.

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Sophisticated Design

Your stylish companion for years to come

Intricate, yet clean design inside and out. Meticulously sourced premium materials and impeccable craftsmanship.

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Sustainable Sourcing

Your progressive companion for change

Recycled materials, PFC-free water repellency finishes, Bluesign and Fair Wear Foundation recognised manufacturer.

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When will the WAYKS ONE backpack be available for purchase?

The WAYKS ONE is currently in its final prototyping stage to ensure we deliver you a product manufactured to the highest standards.

To help us raise funds to go into full production we intend to launch a Kickstarter campaign very soon. 

The WAYKS ONE shall be shipped to customers in Q1-2019.

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What is this "Kickstarter" thing you are talking about?

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that helps to bring creative ideas to life.

On Kickstarter, creators (that´s us) launch new projects, e.g. innovative products (that´s the WAYKS ONE) to a community of backers (that´s you).

Backers are people who believe in the project / product and support the Creators by making a pledge.

As reward for your support, you as backers will receive the very first backpacks from our first production run, and you will receive them at a large discount to the retail price.

Each Kickstarter project has an all-or-nothing funding goal: Only if the funding goal is reached, all pledges are collected and the project will be realised. This ensures that only projects will come to life which the crowd of backers has given enough funds to actually be executed.

We have decided to launch the WAYKS ONE on Kickstarter because we really like the idea of crowdfunding. It brings great ideas to life, supports small and new businesses, and ensures that money and resources are allocated to making products that people actually want. We have already backed several Kickstarter projects ourselves and now it´s time to create our own. 

Crowdfunding will help us to finance the high minimum order quantities of our initial bulk production, and will put our first creation in the hands of people who support it.

Which colours will be available?

The WAYKS ONE will launch in a black and in a sand coloured version.

Is the WAYKS ONE backpack waterproof, water resistant, water repellent, water whatever?

It is built to protect your stuff and give you peace of mind in the rain. 

For long exposure to heavy rain, we recommend using our rain cover.

More details about WAYKS ONE’s water resistance we will soon add here. We will also publish a blog article that sheds more light onto the terms “waterproof”, “water repellent”, “water resistant” and “weatherproof”

Will my laptop fit?

The laptop compartment fits a Macbook Pro 15" — and any other laptop up to a length of 39cm (15.3") and a width of 27cm (10.6").

What are the dimensions? Is it suitable as carry-on?

The width and depth dimensions of WAYKS ONE meet the standard airline restrictions around the world.

Please note that when filled up right to the top (with Cube attached), the overall height may exceed some airlines´ restrictions.

Once prototyping has been completed, we will publish exact dimensions and can provide you with more information on compliance with airlines´ carry-on limitations.

I have more questions / feedback!

We would love to hear from you :). Email us or message us via Facebook or Instagram (scroll to the bottom for details).