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A/W 2019WAYKS AW19 Day Pack sand Akin

Photographer: Nathalie Francois
Styling: Simone Otto
Assistant: Katja Beckers
MUA: Kate Khaiauri
Models: Akin & Cleo
Clothing: HundHund & Arys Berlin
Concept: Leonie Stein
A huge Thank You to the team at Herfurt Natursteine ​​GmbH & HÄ-SE Baustoffe GmbH for their generosity and letting us shoot on their properties.

WAYKS AW19 Day Pack sand Akin

WAYKS AW19 Cube sand Cleo

WAYKS AW19 Travel Pack sand Cleo 

WAYKS AW19 Travel Pack Day Pack Cube sand
WAYKS AW19 Day Pack black Cleo
WAYKS AW19 Cube black Akin
WAYKS AW19 Travel Pack black sand
WAYKS AW19 Rain Cover Akin
WAYKS AW19 Rain Cover Akin