Filming our Campaign Video in Sicily

Filming our Campaign Video in Sicily


Videos are surely the most crucial tool in a Crowdfunding campaign to bring across the idea behind a project and why people should support it. The video is the first content the reader gets in touch with on the campaign page and is therefore super important.

It will give us the opportunity to visually explain to you who we are, what we are doing, why we are doing it, what makes the WAYKS ONE so special, where it is produced and how it is produced - and most importantly WHY you should support us. That's a lot of content, which needs to fit into a short 2 - 3 minute video.

We could have just filmed our Crowdfunding video in a studio in Berlin. It surely would have saved us some Euros in the bank and time on our hands. But the WAYKS ONE backpack belongs on the road. It was designed as a travel or day pack that follows you on a journey, so filming this campaign inside a studio just didn't feel right. Berlin's icy temperatures in March didn't really do us a favour in shooting any footage outside either.

So we decided to pack our bags and head off to Catania, Sicily, where we enjoyed a climate much more T-Shirt friendly and some very much needed sun rays. Luckily we had the great support of friends, who helped us shooting and starring in the video.

It turned into 48 busy hours of eating pasta and ice cream, drinking Italian coffee, climbing up Mount Etna, getting our car stuck between stone walls on roads that lead to nowhere, loosing our camera gear and walking up the volcano at night to find it. But most importantly: We ended up getting lots of great footage and can't wait to share it with you on our Kickstarter campaign page soon. Check out some imagery from our trip below.






















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