Sophisticated Design

At WAYKS, we value quality and contemporary design.

Our styles have an intricate, yet clean design without compromising on practicality and comfort.

Starting from our aesthetic vision for the WAYKS ONE backpack, we developed our functional features and selected suitable premium materials.  

Waterproof, Recycled and PFC-Free Outside & Lining Fabric

Our canvas-like fabric has a natural look and feel yet all the performance features needed for a functional backpack.

We touched more than a thousand fabric swatches before finding this unique, eco-friendly material. It is made from 91% recycled PET (plastic bottles).

A twofold water based PU coating makes it waterproof. On the outer surface, a PFC-free water repellency finish has been applied.

On the inside, the WAYKS ONE is fitted with a smooth lining fabric. It's light grey colour shade makes it easy to find things inside the bag.

Our Day Pack lining is made from 100% recycled PET. A PU coating and PFC-free finish have been applied, making it water repellent.

Durable YKK Zippers

All our zippers are supplied by YKK. 

On the outside, the backpack features strong Natulon® (partly recycled) luggage coil zippers. The back pockets for phone, wallet, passport, etc. have been secured additionally by a PU coating, which reduces the risk of water seeping through the zipper.

Due to its horizontal application and functional importance, we ensured that our CUBE attachment zipper is strong and reliable. 

Durable Hardware

The WAYKS ONE features strong and durable hardware made by a reputed Korean brand, which caters for premium outdoor brands. On the black version, these buckles are made from recycled material.
A smoothly shaped aluminium hook maintains a gentle tactile and aesthetic experience for our roll top closing.

Seat Belt Webbing

Our hip belt webbing is made from a textured webbing for strong grip with our hip belt buckle. All other straps are made from seat belt webbing, ensuring excellent durability, whilst providing a soft touch.

Diverse Top Closing Styles

The backpack can be closed and fastened in many different ways:

Premium Craftsmanship

Our manufacturer has decades of experience in producing high-quality backpacks as well as mountaineering safety equipment, where quality standards are particularly high. Their outstandingly low product return rate earned them an excellent reputation.

All materials are thoroughly checked when arriving at the factory. Quality control is performed on each component along the assembly line.

During our production runs, we are present at the factory to ensure production meets all standards required.


What's Next?

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