Adopt a Bag this Black Friday

(Update, 25.11.22: All bags have been adopted within minutes. Thank you so much for your outstanding support. Many dogs will benefit from it and we will keep you in the loop about it. We are sorry that we did not have enough bags to adopt for everyone who was interested.)
At WAYKS we follow a ‘no-discount pricing’ policy’, because we want to offer the same fair prices to all of our customers – all year round. If we were to give discounts, we would have to raise our regular prices in order to make up for the loss of margin. Simply put: Someone else would have to pay the additional cost.

However, we received feedback from interested customers, who had been waiting for Black Friday, simply because they were not able to afford the full price of our bags at this point in time. And we agree: shopping for discounts doesn't necessarily equal mindless consumption. So we came up with an idea.

We collect bags with minor faults or production defects: samples, older models, used products, or products that did not pass quality checks. Those products are not immaculate enough to sell them at full price, but they are still great functioning bags and are simply too valuable to throw away. 

You can now adopt these bags at a discounted price and we donate 100% of the revenue to a good cause: Animal Welfare Charity Ein Freund fürs Leben e.V. in cooperation with

*Please read the production descriptions carefully and think twice before buying. These products can only be ordered to an address within the EU. Return costs need to be covered by the customer. The products will be sent out by the 6th of December. If you include items in this order that are not from our "Adopt a Bag" collection, these will be shipped in a separate parcel, which is likely to be sent out earlier.

Sling Bags and Day Packs Mini up for adoption will appear on this page on Friday, 25th Nov 2022, at 8am CET. Day Packs Original and Compact and Travel Backpacks will appear at 1pm CET on the same day. All will be available until midnight Sunday, 27th Nov 2022, unless sold out before.