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Welcome to our blog “WAYKS Explorer”!

At WAYKS, we create innovative travel gear and everyday packs fusing VERSATILITY, SOPHISTICATED DESIGN, and SUSTAINABLY SOURCED MATERIALS. (Learn more about us.)

These are our intentions with our blog:

We Want To Inspire You

To express yourself. To pursue your dreams and explore. To push boundaries and drive change. Be a trailblazer and let WAYKS be your companion.

We Want To Educate You

Look beyond polished campaign photos and product descriptions — there is so much more to see. We want to shed more light onto our design decisions and their origins. And bring more transparency into the practices of our industry and supply chain. Also, we will share insights that help you to purchase in line with your needs and values.

We Want To Converse With You

Your input and feedback are more than welcome. Are there specific topics you would like us to cover in the future? Let us know in the comments below or contact us.


These are some topics we intend to write about in future editions

  • Designing unisex backpacks that work for women: Why “shrink it and pink it” doesn´t cut it
  • Do I need a waterproof or water resistant backpack?
  • Lifting the load: How to make your backpack feel lighter
  • The WAYKS ONE out of town, exploring its limits (festivals, mountains, snow, camping, beach, one bag travel, etc.)
  • Do I need a rain cover for my backpack?
  • How to tame dangling backpack straps
  • Chemicals: Why to watch out for PFC in outdoor products?
  • Roll or fold? How to pack your backpack for travel
  • Packing lists for different destinations
  • What determines backpack prices?
  • Guest posts: Reviews and field reports about the WAYKS ONE
  • Manufacturing insights from Viet Nam
  • And more

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